Design Review Board

Board Overview

The Design Review Board (DRB)  reviews, and approves, or denies, any application (applicant) proposing a new development, major alteration, refurbishment, and/or addition to existing development located within the Town except for those applications where that authority has been delegated to Staff. See Section 8.2.60 (Development Design Review) 

It is the purpose of such review to determine, in a cooperative fashion with the applicant, whether the proposed plan meets the guidelines and other standards of of the Town.


The DRB has jurisdiction over all lands within the Town that are subject to Architectural Standards and Guidelines.

Membership Qualifications

The Design Review Board is composed of five voting members, each of whom is capable of reading and understanding architectural plans and is knowledgeable in new urban development and design concepts. 

The five voting members of the Design Review Board shall include:

  •  A minimum of three, and a maximum of four “design professionals”; and 
  •  A minimum of one, and a maximum of two “citizen” representatives. 

Design Professionals. Those positions dedicated to “design professionals” shall be comprised of individuals from any of the following occupations: (1) Architect; (2) Landscape Architect; (3) Urban Planner / Designer; (4) Building or Construction Expert; and (5) Engineer. 

Citizen Representatives. “Citizen Representatives” shall be full-time residents of the Town of Port Royal.

Agenda & Minutes

Agenda and Minutes for Design Review Board


  • Richard Beesley, term exp. 2025
  • Buddy Brown, term exp. 2025
  • Kit Bruce, term exp. 2025
  • Marcy Roy, term exp. 2026
  • Thomas Rhodes, term exp. 2024


  • 5:30 pm
  • 1st Thursday of every month as needed
  • 700 Paris Avenue, Town Hall, Council Chambers

Term Limit 

The DRB members are a volunteers appointed by the Port Royal Town Council and serve a four (4) year term which expires on June 30th of the applicable year.  No member may serve more than two (2) consecutive terms.

Volunteer Application Form