Doing Business in Port Royal

Port Royal has grown tremendously and now has a population of over 13,000 people in 3,500+ households in a geographic area that is wide ranging and developing rapidly. One stimulus that fuels the Town's economy is the US Military presence on Parris Island. Another is the access to water for boating and water vistas.  Situated on a peninsula between Battery Creek and the Beaufort River, the Old Village Area along Paris Avenue provides many attractive opportunities for businesses to locate.  


The Town of Port Royal is the Gateway to Parris Island, home of the United States Marine Corps Recruit Depot, With graduations almost every other week of the year, the Marine Corps Recruit Depot brings thousands of graduate family members to community businesses. 

Port of Port Royal Redevelopment Project

The Port of Port Royal Redevelopment Project is bringing a tremendous amount of commerce to the Old Village of Port Royal. Fish Camp restaurant at 11th Street is a perfect place to dine and enjoy the marshland sunsets. A new marina, additional new restaurants are all in the works along with new housing developments along the Bluffs and Ribaut Road.  This project coupled with the elegance and home town spirit of the Old Village and Paris Avenue make for a strategic location for any business.

Business Corridors

Port Royal is a home to many businesses along its Business Corridors extending along Ribaut Rd, Paris Ave, Parris Island Gateway, Old Savannah Highway, and Robert Smalls Parkway. 

Business License

If you are planning to locate your business in Port Royal you need to email Cynthia Smalls with the Business Licensing Department to obtain a business license (PDF). The Business License Department can be contacted by using the email or phone number under Contact Us.  We are ready to help in any way that we can.  


EnergyWise for Your Business offers financial incentives to reduce the upfront cost of energy efficiency improvements and technical assistance to provide you with guidance on energy efficiency opportunities. Visit if you want to learn more.

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