Municipal Court


Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases, in-person hearings throughout the state have been suspended by order of the Chief Justice as of Jan.11, 2021 until further notice.

Beginning February, all Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday traffic and criminal hearings for the Town of Port Royal Municipal Court sessions will be conducted using remote communication, Cisco WebEx.

If you are currently scheduled for a court appearance, please contact the court for information regarding log on or telephoning into to your court session. Any monetary reductions, showed proof information, or program referrals may be facilitated prior to your court date.

Please contact the court for further information or guidance via telephone at 843-986-2229 or email

The Municipal Court of Port Royal adjudicates offenses and violations of the Town of Port Royal and South Carolina State laws. The Municipal Court operates under the unified court system of the State of South Carolina.

The Municipal Court shall have jurisdiction to try all cases arising under the ordinances of the Town of Port Royal. The court shall also have all such powers, duties and jurisdiction in criminal cases made under state law and conferred upon magistrates. The court shall have the power to punish for contempt of court by imposition of sentences up to the limits imposed on municipal courts. The court shall have no jurisdiction in civil matters. 

Court is held every other week on Tuesday and Thursday at 4:00 PM.

Cell Phone and Weapon Policy

No cell phones or weapons including knives and pepper spray are allowed inside the Municipal Courtroom.