Code Enforcement

Code Violations which may result in Citations and Fines

The Town of Port Royal enforces the Codes of the Town to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the community.  Example violations for which you may receive a Warning and eventually a Citation if not remedied are:
  • Unsanitary conditions on property (Sec. 10-5)
  • Derelict / Unlicensed vehicle (Sec. 19-6)
  • Improper / No address affixed to building (Sec 17-34)
  • Improper placement of refuse Roll Cart / Trash Bin (Sec. 21-261)
  • Failure to maintain property - both front and back yards (Sec. 10-9) 
  • Failure to maintain sidewalk (Sec. 10-10)
  • Trash Dumping on any lot, track or parcel of land (Sec. 10 -7)
  • Excessive and loud Noise after 10 PM and before 7 AM including Delivery or Trash vehicles (Sec. 15-18)
  • Other Violations as defined in Section 15: Offenses and Miscellaneous Provisions

Reporting a Code Violation