The Town of Port Royal has a Council/Manager form of government (also referred to as the Town Manager Plan). The government is under the control of a professional manager. The mayor's obligations typically include chairing the council meetings and performing many of the symbolic duties of the town, such as greeting special guests and signing official documents on behalf of the town. The manager is in charge of the day-to-day operations of government, including the hiring and firing of administrative employees. Under this system, the professional manager reports directly to the council. All other administrative employees report directly to the town manager. The Town of Port Royal is broken down into five departments. The departments are operations, fire, police, accounting, and the municipal court.

Government Officials

Samuel E. Murray
612 16th Street
Port Royal, S.C. 29935
Home: (843) 524-4890
Elected 5/99
Council Member
Ms. Mary Beth Gray-Heyward
4 Lottery Lane
Port Royal, SC 29935
Home: (843) 524-4561
Work: (843) 770-0404
Elected 5/01

Council Member
Mr. Robert Landrum
1606 Columbia Avenue
Port Royal, SC 29935
Cell: (843) 368-4698
Work: (843) 521-4105

Town Manager
Mr. Van Willis
Office: (843) 986-2205 Mobile: (843) 812-5610
Council Member
Mr. Jerry Ashmore
1908 Royal Palm Road
Port Royal, SC 29935
Home: (843) 521-4580
Cell: (843) 247-6426
Elected 11/15
Council Member
Mr. Darryl Owens
28 Ridenour Place
Port Royal, SC 29935
Home: (843) 310-9419
Elected 5/17